The History


In the nineties with the help of China Youth Career Development Association, the small and medium size business industry in Taiwan developed at a very fast pace. Representatives from the association visited Malaysia in 1992 after Malaysia prominent businessman Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew received the “Model of Overseas Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs Award” from them. Since then, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew and a few successful entrepreneurs realized that Malaysia should have the ability to initiate innovative entrepre-neurial venture. Malaysia could also mould an entrepreneurship culture that is positive, high moral and ethical. It will then contribute towards the growth of the country’s economy and improve the well being of the society. Thus, Persatuan Usahawan Muda Malaysia (PUMM) was formed on 10 July 1993 as a multiracial voluntary organization.


The first president of PUMM was Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew and his Deputy was Dato’ Mohd Nadzmi Bin Mohd Salleh. The Secretary General of PUMM at that time was Mr. Ler Cheng Chye. There were only 25 members at that time. World gets around and the numbers increased twelve fold to 300 in 1996. The secound President of PUMM and its Executive Committee remained unchanged. The third President was or Thor Hong Tong, his Deputy was Dr. Amir and the Secretary General was Tatsun Hoi.


From a small office room in Pudu in its humble beginnings, PUMM moved to the Mines International Exhibition Center. Today, PUMM membership is approaching 1,000. The new office is located at the heart of KL City in Amoda building. The current Deputy President is Tatsun Hoi and the Secretary General is Wong Kin Nam.


In 1996, PUMM started working with Malaysia Entrepreneurs Development Ministry to boost small and medium sized industry in the country. Within the same year, PUMM has successfully organized the first “National  Entrepreneurs  Convention”.  During  this  period,  PUMM  organized  strategic  business  conferences almost every month. It helped many young entrepreneurs to realize their vision and also played a critical role in contributing towards international economic development and relations.


With the advent of the internet, PUMM come online in 1996 during the start of the IT era in Malaysia. It had already prepared itself to mould PUMM into the IT infrastructure in the country.


During  the  economic  crisis  in  1997,  PUMM  organized  fewer  activities  but  the  entrepreneurs’  resolve is indomitable. With its wisdom, strength and unity, PUMM runs against the wind and opened up more business Opportunities.


PUMM answered the Government’s call in 1998 to strongly work together and overcome the recession in the country. During that period, a lot of overseas trade mission were organized. The idea was also to develop expertise, finance and resources to globalize the local industry. Some of the countries on the list were China, Egypt, Vietnam and other Asian countries.


PUMM’s endeavors were well recognized in the country. In 1999, our beloved Prime Ministry Datuk Seri Dr. Mahatir Mohamed, directed PUMM to assist in the country’s entrepreneurship in the “Majlis Perundingan Ekonomi Negara Kedua (MAPEN2)”. With the help of the public and the media, PUMM continue to advance towards Vision 2020.


Besides implementing the “Share and inherit the Entrepreneurship Spirit Campaign” which is supported by our Prime Minister, there is also “Boss Academy” courses and the “Entrepreneurs’ Biography”. PUMM will be staging another ten activities that include the “Malaysia Young Entrepreneur’s representative to the government.


The  new  Executive  Committee  had  pledge  to  continuously  serve  PUMM  in  the  vision  to  produce  500 world class entrepreneurs. They have vowed to broaden their horizon that would encompass the four comers of the world and to fulfill the objective of equitable wealth distribution harmony and prosperity among all races in our beloved country.