Vision & Mission


Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are creative and innovative responses to the economic environment. Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia (PUMM), or Malaysia Entrepreneurs' Development Association, is a multiracial association composed of young entrepreneurs and executives aimed towards helping entrepreneurs, and executives to realize their business ideas. Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in the growth of any society particularly in a fast developing country like Malaysia where there are ample opportunities for innovations to exploit available resources and initiate entrepreneurial ventures.


PUMM aspires to unite the efforts of these young entrepreneurs into a consortium, which adheres to the principle of 'strength in numbers'. By maximizing the available resources, PUMM prepares its members to face the challenges of globalization and emerge a victor, whilst contributing to the nation's economic wealth.



  • To identify new entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs and help them to succeed.
  • To provide the following information:

          a. New business opportunities.
          b. Financial and non-financial facilities available for entrepreneurs.
          c. Networks and linkages for possible co-operation and joint activities.
          d. Experience sharing.
          e. Business matching for mutual benefits.
          inform and create awareness about opportunities and facilities available through the electronic
          media, print media, hi-tea gatherings, seminars and conventions.

  • To conduct business dialogue sessions, as well as trips to further improve overall understanding between businesses and working relationships



  • To encourage joint ventures among young entrepreneurs of all races and to identify opportunities and "match" them to new and existing entrepreneurs or executives.
  • To assist members who aspire to start their business or who are already involved in business to have access to financial and non-financial resources.
  • To facilitate the establishment of strategic alliances and networks among entrepreneurs and executives of various races.
  • To foster an entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship culture that is positive, highly-moral and ethical.
  • To contribute towards international economic development and relations.