Take Entrepreneurship To A New Level

We look forward to having both new and seasoned entrepreneurs joining us at PUMM.

Our Vision

To be the leading development platform for entrepreneurs Malaysia, and globally.

Our Mission

To develop an ecosystem that inspires and grow Malaysian entrepreneurs and the community; to bridge, guide and share best business practices with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Core values

  • Motivated 启发
  • Engaging 联结
  • Distinctive 卓越
  • Accelerating 促进

Privileges & Benefits

Information Access

Access to the latest information about business in various industries and commerce.

Stay Updated

Obtain the latest information on plans and policies announced by the government.

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities to attend conferences, exhibitions, and business events to develop and explore business networking.

Go International

Overseas business opportunities and study tours/inter-companies study visits.


Joint marketing and shared resources amongst PUMM members.

Preferential Rates

Participate in seminars, conferences, and events organized by PUMM at a preferential rate.

Free publication

Get a free copy of PUMM publication which includes the latest information on economy, government policies and PUMM activities.