Dato’ see kok seng

President’s Message

I am humbled to be given the opportunity by the members of Malaysia Entrepreneur Development Association (PUMM) to continue to serve as its new President for the 2018-2020 term. It is an honour to lead our Association at this moment in our history and serve our members and entrepreneurs into a new paradigm.

I will do everything to honour this privilege and trust which has been extended to me, my Deputy Tan Lay Seong and our team.

To members who had given this trust, I say to each and everyone of you, that I will be the President for all PUMM members. I pledge to use all my strength and abilities to live up to the expectations of me as well as of PUMM.

We have a strong mandate and I say to our fellow members – we will forge ahead with our promises as a new and united PUMM.

To me, it is a good sign, for it spells one thing: the people, community and members still have faith and hope in our 25 year old Association.

PUMM has to look into the future with confidence. The leadership and me have been given a mandate, not for dogma, doctrine, or for a return to the past, but is a mandate to get those things done for our Association that desperately needs doing for the future. United, we will write a new page for PUMM to make this Association stronger.

We will continue to walk the talk and deliver.

A few of us may have our differences, but we are one within PUMM with a common destiny in our rich culture and tradition.

My predecessor, Dato Tony Looi, thank you so much for the guidance and leadership all this while. You’ve left a solid legacy for us with strong finances, governance and an overall solid culture of excellence.

To our Deputy President, Mr Tan Lay Seong, the Vice-Presidents, Dato Sri James Wong, Dato George Lee, Mr Nelson Beh, Dato Sri Alvin Ang and Dato Michael Lim, as well as members of the new Central Committee, I look forward to working with you.

Let’s get PUMM cracking again on our Association’s transformation. This means moving forth our agenda for change for a better tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Dato’ See